Start Your Own Book Shop

You too can own a profitable online business.

Sell Books by mail, eBay or your own dynamic web site. We’ll help you get started!
Image Book Company has been publishing and distributing best-selling books for more than 35 years. If you would like to start your own online and mail-order business, we are here to assist you.

A limited number of ‘Web Bookshop’ and book distribution offerings is available to approved applicants who are serious about setting up and running their own business. This is a genuine opportunity to get into business for yourself, to increase your income and improve your lifestyle.

It’s not a ‘riches overnight’ scheme but a ‘reward for effort’ proposition that can bring financial benefit for your ethical, competent and enthusiastic input. There’s a vast reading and book-buying public available for you to sell to. In fact, you can offer products world-wide.

Become a book distributor
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We’ll get you started. We’ll supply you the stock you need, offering generous wholesale prices so you earn big profits. You can work from home at your own pace without expensive overheads. Your WEB BOOKSHOP can extend to our VENDING BOOK RACKS and BOOK DISTRIBUTION BOXES for greater income and profits.

This is one of the best home business opportunities available. Get started within a week. Make creative and profitable use of your time. For information on how to get into business for yourself, contact us now!

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