Disorders of the Horse & What To Do About Them


In this beautifully illustrated book, Elsie Hanauer examines the various disorders of the horse, their cause and symptoms, and well-proven treatments.

The horse is explained thoroughly in regards to the digestive system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the skin, and the feet and legs. In each case, diagnosis of specific diseases is shown, along with information on the care of the afflicted horse.

A diagnosis must be concerned with the horse’s history, attitude, skin, visible mucous membranes, respirations, appetite and thirst, the urine, the pulse, temperature and possibility of fever. Through these observations, disorders can be identified, and then treated.

Disorders of the Horse & What To Do About Them presents in detail scores of horse disorders, from colic and peritonitis and parasites to bronchitis, mange, navicular disease, fractures, to miscellaneous diseases such as equine influenza, malignant edema and even sleeping sickness. Care and first aid for each disorder is explained.

Author: Elsie Hanauer
ISBN: 0879802812