Horse Selection & Care for Beginners


Horse Selection & Care for Beginners will be of great interest to every horse fancier, rider, owner, breeder and dealer.

The author presents his subject in thoughtful detail, to enlighten the reader in every major phase of horse care and handling. He succeeds in making the horse understood in terms of physical characteristics and temperament in a way that it has seldom been understood before. Through such understanding can come highly intelligent care and handling, and it is such competence that the author makes available to his readers.

Besides telling the reader how he can best train his horse for the type of work he wants it to perform, the author discusses, in detail, the various types of horses and how they should be judged; the art of breeding them successfully; how and what to feed them, and why; all phases of managing them, from the time they are foaled; and how to best go about selling them.

The text is lavishly illustrated with photographs and line drawings. In it, every horse lover will find the correct answers to questions his curiosity has posed about the horse, as well as practical and very valuable assistance in meeting his own problems connected with horse care and handling.

Author: Dr. George H. Conn
ISBN: 087980193X